• BAUNAT in Les Echos
    Les Echos, France’s first daily economic and financial newspaper, on how BAUNAT makes diamond more accessible, offering prices even three times lower than those of big houses with diamond qualities that do not descend below colour and purity H SI. Click to read or find some highlights below: - The brand name BAUNAT a contraction of the French words “Beauté” and “Naturelle” - Launched in 2008 with the idea of creating a new “digital native jewellery brand” offering attractive prices through the elimination of intermediaries - Ten years after its launch, BAUNAT no longer deserves the name of start-up. Its turnover will cross this year the bar of 10 million euros, growing over 40% from year after year. - BAUNAT owns a lot of keywords on Google, but development also goes through word of mouth as 20% of sales come from returning customers. - BAUNAT prepares to take another step forward with the launch of their first line of 18K watches at the end of the year. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in Finenews.ch
    Today in finews.ch, the Swiss compass for all players on the financial market, how the Belgian company BAUNAT is mixing up the diamond jewellery market. In a profound interview, our CEO and founder Stefaan Mouradian explains why the digital-native company is so successful in its luxury segment. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in Il était une fois le bijou
    Read about our secrets in the e-magazine Il était une fois le bijou: How BAUNAT speaks to millennials, a generation that is ready to get married with a taste for fine diamond jewellery, and find out which 3 key ingredients we used to connect with this new group of Smart Buyers.  更多消息
  • BAUNAT in Kronen Zeitung
    The demand for alternative forms of investment has risen sharply in recent years. In addition to gold, gems were also the focus of investors. Austria's largest newspaper the Kronen Zeitung made a brief overview of what speaks for diamonds as an investment and where the risks lie. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in Le Monde économique
    This week in Le Monde économique, the Suisse magazine for business leaders & decision-makers on how diamonds have proven their security as investement in recent year. Offering protection against the credit risks of banks and financial institutions, but also against inflation. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in Bull Up Beleggersclub
    Luxury products and brands are conquering social media, stimulating millennials to invest in affordable luxury when entering the labor market within a few years. According to ABN AMRO Bank N.V. the jewellery sector is expected to grow with 1.5% in 2018 with online brands offering more competitive pricing. A philosophy BAUNAT has been applying for almost 10 years now. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in Emerce
    In 2012 only 3 percent of jewelry sales were online, in 2018 this is 12,7 percent. This means that the online turnover of products has more than quadrupled in 6 years time. In short, business is booming. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in businessfrau.ch
    Meet Christine Malik, our Zürich, Switzerland Branch Manager, in this captivating interview by businessfrau.ch. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in Trends Magazine
    BAUNAT in Trends Magazine Style, an inspirational #lifestyle magazine on the next big things, sharing the top picks of the season. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in Steps
    The perfect light read by Steps Magazine on how to choose the perfect engagement ring. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in De Markt
    Gazet van Antwerpen on how BAUNAT conquered the worldwide web. Celebrating 10 brilliant years of timeless high quality diamond jewellery at an unmatched price quality ratio. That is what the digital native brand BAUNAT stands for. In honour of the 10th anniversary the internet’s number one diamond jewellery brand reveals an exclusive High Jewellery collection. With this design collection, BAUNAT is answering to the growing demand of Smart Buyers for the more unique yet correctly priced jewellery. More exciting news regarding our ten year anniversary and exclusive product launches coming soon... 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in Hong Kong Economic Journal
    The Hong Kong Economic Journal on the launch of our first Asia based showroom, further supporting our growth while satisfying the needs of "Smart Buyers" all over the globe. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in Hong Kong Economic Times
    The renowned financial daily newspaper "Hong Kong Economic Times" on the launch of our very first physical showroom in bustling city center of Hong Kong end 2017. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in Baaz
    The quarterly edition of the Dutch Baaz magazine on how BAUNAT went from start-up to scale-up and the even more ambitious plans for the near future. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in Business Insider Nederland
    Business Insider Nederland is putting BAUNAT next to digital companies as Spotify, Uber, Airbnb and Tesla as the company is reshaping the diamond jewellery industry. Traditional brands are struggling to keep up with the fast changing digital environment. Digital native companies focus rather on delivery, easiness and value instead of their image. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in Trends Magazine
    Flanders’ high-profile financial-economic magazine Trends Magazine asked founders Stefaan Mouradian & Steven Boelens about their secrets behind the success of the digital native brand BAUNAT. Summarized, there is not one single magic ingredient for success. The brand has built its success on transparent communication, product excellence, great customer service and correct pricing. "Our business model is aimed at Generation Y, but widely appreciated by Smart Buyers of any age". Customer satisfaction, loyalty and word of mouth are building the company's long term vitality. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in RetailTrends Media
    RetailTrends Media, a Dutch digital platform for professionals in retail & brands, explains why Smart Buyers shop for diamonds online."The cliché about the Dutch is correct. They are not stingy, they just want value for money." BAUNAT as a game changer in the traditional diamond jewellery industry. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in Forbes France
    FORBES FRANCE, part of the globally renomated business magazine Forbes, interviewed our CEO & co-founder on the disruptive business of BAUNAT by reconnecting the price of diamonds with their true value. Stefaan Mouradian says: “Succeeding at what Amazon failed to do in 2000 (“good idea, wrong timing”), BAUNAT shows a constant double-digit growth, hereby supported by the “momentum” of digital transformation in the diamond jewellery industry”. Answering to the needs of Smart buyers, the BAUNAT business model caters to Millennials who are not prepared to pay for extras unrelated to the intrinsic value of the product. Offering the correct price overturns their need for discounts. According to the “ Bain & Company ” study Millennials and Generation Z will represent 45% of the global diamond (jewellery) market by 2025. BAUNAT’s unique and disruptive business model is catering and embracing this momentum, and can rely for this on its talented & innovative staff, of which the largest majority are shareholders & born as digital natives. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in Marketing Tribune
    MarketingTribune, a Dutch professional magazine for the marketing professional, interviewed our founders Stefaan Mouradian and Steven Boelens as their number 120 in the success series "Entrepreneur of the week". Read how we determine our marketing & PR strategy, how we see the future of investing and read about the driving force behind BAUNAT. BAUNATs bricks-and-clicks model has proven to be effective when reaching out to millennials, a group of "Smart Buyers" that wants value for money and refuses to pay for inefficiencies that do not immediately reflect in the product. Since 2010, Trustpilot has been honouring BAUNAT with the title of "most trusted online jewellery brand" and with the recent negotiations, BAUNAT is looking to become a new global player, responding to the needs of the "Smart Buyer". 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in Feeling
    Our enchanting Pas-de-deux collection featured in the upscale luxury magazine Feeling by Sanoma. If your love is forever, don’t buy a jewel that will sparkle only temporarily. At BAUNAT we only use high quality materials for an everlasting sparkle and durable shine. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in Het Financieele Dagblad
    Recently in “Het Financieele Dagblad”, one of Netherlands' oldest & most widespread newspapers specializing in economics and business: “Asking a correct price has nothing to do with discounting” says founder Stefaan Mouradian, “Millennials don’t want to pay for expensive marketing, inefficient stock and intermediaries, they just want value for money and money for value. Millennials set the trend, nobody else…”. Click to read all about it in the discussion below. BAUNAT does not divide prices, the competition just multiplies them. Through strategic purchase of diamonds and efficient stock management, traditional intermediaries are skipped and customers get exactly what they pay for. Those who doubt the level of service an online business can give, can contact our BAUNAT team in no less than 13 different languages. The website itself offers 7 languages and 8 currencies. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in Top Magazin Düsseldorf
    Our very own Johanna Baumgartner starring in Top Magazin Düsseldorf,wearing some of BAUNAT's finest diamond jewellery. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in Glamourland
    Glamourland TV en Magazine sharing our best kept secret after the official opening of our Amsterdam Showroom. The perfect read for those who are stuck in snow. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in Amsterdam Today
    Artikel over de Chique Soirée Brillante van BAUNAT in Amsterdam showroom waarbij onze nieuwe diamantjuwelen collecties werden voorgesteld en om de nieuwe showrooms te vieren.  更多消息
  • BAUNAT in Het Parool
    Diamonds, bubbles and an evening filled with stimulating conversations. Yesterday we hosted BAUNAT's Amsterdam event, in honour of our new offices and diamond jewellery collections. Attached you can find today's brilliant article from Het Parool - by Hans Van Der Beek, who attended our Soirée Brillante. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in Rheinische Post Düsseldorf
    Today in Rheinische Post Düsseldorf a brilliant article on how BAUNAT distinguishes itself from the classics, following the opening of our Dusseldorf showroom at the Königsallee. Having a great part of our valued customers located in Germany, we are glad to read our innovative/disruptive approach is highly appreciated in the region. By providing sharp and transparent pricing and service, BAUNAT seems to be a perfect fit with the German market, known for their “gründlichkeit”. It feels great to be featured in a quality newspaper like this. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in Tempus Magazine
    BAUNAT's platina bloemenring met ronde smaragd schittert in het najaarsnummer van Tempus Magazine. Dit najaar kies je voor de kleur groen, niet enkel in je garderobe maar ook als opvallende kleur voor statement juwelen. Ga voor een intense kleursteen als solitair of in combinatie met witte diamanten. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in Looxx Magazine
    Following our showroom opening in Düsseldorf, a profile on the brand BAUNAT and its philosophy by Looxx Magazine. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in L'Express
    BAUNAT diamond jewellery featured in last week’s French national newspaper L'Express. We truly appreciate this attention in our second home market. The French people always loved quality, and apparently they also appreciate our unbeatable price quality ratio and outstanding service. At BAUNAT, we never invested in prestige or intangible elements which are not reflected in your purchased jewel, but always kept the focus on quality, service and efficiency. As a result we are rated as Nr 1 jeweller on Trustpilot, an independent third party website that collects authentic testimonials. And now we are glad to appear in the section “innovation” in the country known for beautiful products. 更多消息
  • Invest It In - Investment Ideas
    In this interview we talk to Jim Reynolds of Invest It In and provide insights on the diamond market and industry. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in De Tijd
    BAUNAT in De Tijd. Het Antwerpse ondernemersduo Steven Boelens en Stefaan Mouradian breekt internationaal door met een buitengewone webwinkel. De onlinejuwelier BAUNAT werd zopas door de koepelsorganisatie BeCommerce bekroond tot snelst groeiende Belgische webwinkel in het buitenland.  更多消息
  • BAUNAT in Made in Antwerpen
    Het Antwerpse diamantjuwelenbedrijf BAUNAT – opgericht in 2008 door Stefaan Mouradian en Steven Boelens – heeft van BeCommerce de award gekregen als Nummer 1 Cross-border E-commerce bedrijf in België. BAUNAT kwam als beste online exporteur uit de Top 25 van dit jaar en steeg 12 plaatsen ten op zichte van vorig jaar.  更多消息
  • BAUNAT in Chinese magazine "Let us discover Belgium"
    BAUNAT interviewed by Chinese magazine about meeting Jack Ma at the Belgian Royal Palace. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in Ivy Magazine with Brilliant talk
    Every woman deserves some sparkle in her life. In this article you can find five diamond jewels that are must-have for every woman. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT on Rapaport - Diamonds.net
    Online diamond jewelry company Baunat has raised $3.5 million (EUR 3.3 million) in fresh capital from investors and staff through a private placement. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in De Tijd met Internationale groeiplannen
    BAUNAT in De Tijd. De Belgische online diamantair BAUNAT heeft zich van 3,3 miljoen euro kapitaal verzekerd om internationale groeiplannen extra vuurkracht te geven. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT on Idex Online
    Online Belgian diamond jewelry company BAUNAT has used a private placement to raise 3.3 million euros ($3.5 million) in capital from investors and staff. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in De Tijd met kapitaaluitbreiding
    BAUNAT in De Tijd. BAUNAT heeft via een private plaatsing bij investeerders en personeel € 3.3 miljoen kapitaal opgehaald. Deze extra middelen laten BAUNAT toe om haar zeer sterke groei nog te versnellen en de referentie te worden op de internationale online diamantjuwelenmarkt. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in Chinese Tourism Magazine
    BAUNAT in the Chinese Magazine for Tourism in France. 更多消息
  • BAUNAT in Be Commerce
    BAUNAT op 12de plaats meest bezochte webshops in België. 更多消息
  • Is a Diamond Market Supply Crunch on the Horizon?
    At the end of 2013, when Diamond Investing News (DIN) published its 2014 diamond outlook, many analysts were predicting that the year would bring market stability and perhaps higher diamond prices. However, as the year has progressed, concerns about diamond supply have risen to the fore, leaving many curious about whether stability is truly in the cards. Market watchers are also wondering if much higher prices than anticipated are in store. 更多消息
  • Baunat : Prestigious, international and online
    ‘Class of its Own’ aims to re-discover and show its readers the essence of class, both going back to its tradition, and highlighting its contemporary inflections. 更多消息
  • Bling Boom
    At first glance, the auctioning of diamonds might seem unimportant, and record-breaking proceeds just the price ultra-high-net-worth individuals are willing to pay to dump excess cash. But Swiss Style’s Lauriane Zonco spoke with David Bennett and discovered a few gems.   更多消息
  • BAUNAT launches platform, shares loose diamond investing outlook
    Belgian diamond jeweler BAUNAT has recently launched a platform for the wealthy to invest in loose diamonds, becoming the first of its kind to present such an offering. 更多消息
    Вложениями в золото никого не удивишь. И в России можно купить пару слитков и ждать, пока они вырастут в цене. Бельгийский ювелирный бренд предлагает инвестировать в неограненные алмазы. До сих пор этого никто не делал, потому что выгоднее продавать украшения, говорит Metro Стивен Боэленс, гендиректор Baunat nv  更多消息
  • BAUNAT: erste Diamantschmuck Marke die Diamanten als Kapitalanlage verkauft
    BAUNAT, weltweit anerkannt als erste online Diamantschmuck Marke (www.baunat.com), ist stolz auf dem Abschuß von www.baunatdiamonds.com, eine ausführliche Website in 6 Sprachen (Englisch, Französisch, Niederländisch, Spanisch, Deutsch und Chinesisch, Portugiesisch und Russisch werden im Jahr 2014 folgen). Durch diese Website, einzigartig in seiner Art, positioniert BAUNAT DIAMONDS sich als die weltweite Referenz für Diamantkäufe und Anlagediamanten, mit dem Ziel das beste Preis / Leistungs-Verhältnis anzubieten und auf diese Weise die Chancen für zukünftige Rentabilität der Anlagediamanten seiner Kunden zu maximieren.   更多消息
  • 永开不败的花卉经典
    花卉灵感穿越千年,每个时代的人文情怀赋予了花朵自己的语言,尤其那些美艳于外,美意于内的花儿最会打动有情有性的设计师,成为经久不衰的最经典的花卉灵感。  更多消息
  • Belgen surfen mee op luxehausse in Brazilië
    De verkoop van luxe in Brazilië boomt. Niet verwonderlijk: 29 miljoen Brazilianen kunnen zich luxueuze producten, wagens, kleding en sieraden veroorloven. Ook Belgische bedrijven zoals Baunat springen op die trein.  更多消息
  • BAUNAT zit aan de bron
    De e-boutique Baunat is een atypisch bedrijf in de Antwerpse diamantjuweelindustrie. Een optimale combinatie van factoren zorgt ervoor dat Baunat een prijs onder de marktprijs kan aanbieden voor hoogwaardige diamantjuwelen.  更多消息
  • BAUNAT wil 'typisch Belgisch diamantjuweel' op de kaart zetten
    Midden in de befaamde diamantwijk van Antwerpen, in één van de zeer goed beveiligde bedrijfspanden aldaar, zetelt het jonge bedrijf Baunat. Het werd in 2008 opgericht door Stefaan Mouradian en Steven Boelens en is hard bezig een nieuw, internationaal diamantjuwelenmerk op te bouwen - via internet!  更多消息
  • 安特卫普BAUNAT钻饰网购介绍
    BAUNAT是一家比利时新锐钻饰品牌,2008年创立于安特卫普。目前BAUNAT出品的高档钻饰有85%出口至40多个国家,其中90%的销售通过网店www.baunat.com实现,其余10%的顾客亲自前往位于安特卫普钻石区的体验店购买。今年四月, BAUNAT将在巴黎开设第二家体验店,计划不久的将来进入中国大陆及香港市场。BAUNAT品牌的特色与业绩获得了众多比利时媒体的关注,我们也向两位创始人Stefaan Mouradian和Steven Boelens先生了解到以下信息,供读者在选购钻石珠宝时参考。  更多消息
  • Baunat en état de grâce
    La marque belge de bijoux Baunat et le Flanders Fashion Institute ont décerné leur prix de la création 2011 à la créatrice anversoise Elke Peeters pour ses bijoux gracieux et féminins.  更多消息
  • Online Diamond Jeweler Baunat Raises EUR 2.8 Million Fresh Capital
    Belgian online diamond jewellery company Baunat - established in 2008 by entrepreneurs Mouradian & Boelens - has raised EUR 2.8m via a 'Belgian-French' private equity placement. The company plans to develop further its business model and expand its product portfolio in order to strengthen its referential position as the online diamond jewellery brand.   更多消息
  • The Jewellery Makers
    Baunat is a true fashion as well as an e-commerce pioneer. Since 2008, the company founded by Stefaan Mouradian and Steven Boelens has blazed a trail for Belgian diamonds by retailing high-end, original jewellery online.  更多消息
  • Luxe wordt betaalbaar
    - E-commerce als hoeksteen van het businessmodel. - Een continue zoektocht om drempels weg te halen. - De klant krijgt een terugzend garantie tot dertig dagen. - Klanten getuigen op onafhankelijke site.  更多消息
  • Des diamants sur la toile
    L'idée peut laisser perplexe. Et pourtant: le concept du label belge Baunat fait mouche: des bijoux en diamant signés par des créateurs connus, un descriptif bref et précis, des photos ultra-détaillées,...  更多消息
  • Experience Store flamboyant
    La griffe belge de bijoux en diamant Baunat innove en ouvrant tout au long de cet été une boutique temporaire à Knokke. Dans un univers original et luxueux, faisant appel à des effets visuels et artistiques, on découvre les plus belles réalisations des designers du bijoutier.  更多消息
  • Klik! Diamant
    Een diamantjuweel via internet bestellen en in een pakje thuisbezorgd krijgen, dat wekt niet meteen vertrouwen. Toch maakt Baunat er een erezaak van om stijlvolle sieraden, ontworpen door hedendaagse designers, op een veilige manier te leveren. Als het moet per vliegende koerier.  更多消息
  • Diamond geezers
    Baunat's innovative online jewellery shop. Baunat is audaciously changing the way we think of jewellers.By asking reputable Belgian designers to create special collections...  更多消息
  • Hoe komt een juweel tot stand
    VIDEO Het VRT programma "De 7de dag" brengt een reportage over Baunat  更多消息
  • My precious
    Online instead of in-store - Baunat represents the new generation of Antwerp's diamond industry.  更多消息
  • Hot off the press
    100% Belge, Antwerp store Baunat is the first and only truly Belgian brand of diamond jewelry, so of course they want to do things their way.  更多消息
  • La passion du diamant
    La ligne 'Baunat Designer Jewellery' reprend les collections développées par des créateurs renommés et reflète parfaitement la philosophie de Baunat  更多消息
  • Diamonds are the girl's best friends
    La joaillerie prend de nouvelles facettes avec une étoile arrivée au firmament diamantaire belge, le label Baunat ! Pas d’esthétisme gratuit mais une vraie recherche de l’expression profonde de la beauté intérieure, en une collection jouant sur l’équilibre et la pureté.  更多消息