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Which kind of investment profile do you have?

Are you an investor who goes for defensive security? Or do you like to take risks like and choose for the offensive or dynamic approach? Discover here the investor profile that suits your personality.

• The defensive investor

Defensive investors are not keen on big risks. This type of investor wants, for example, to buy shares, but will always uses its thorough caution. Most of the small investors belong to this type. This tactic generally provides very limited benefits.

• The neutral investor

The balance between certainty and uncertainty is essential for a neutral investor. He is always in search of the ultimate balance between risk and stability. That's why he always chooses a balanced mix of stocks, bonds and commodities, such as diamonds.

The conservative investor

Conservative investors usually opt for investments with limited risk and a low risk of market fluctuations. The mecca of conservative investor is a stable return. Therefore investment portfolio will mainly consist of all kinds of securities and investments, including commodities.

• The dynamic investor

Dynamic investors are fixated on the long term. Their ultimate goal? A high future return. And for this, they are willing to wait an average of five to twenty years. For this type of investment, commodities also are eligible.

The offensive investor

An aggressive investor is primarily concerned with equity. He is willing to take a lot of risks and choose to share with an uncertain long-term return. This obviously requires big market knowledge.

Investing in diamonds: popular and profitable

Are you a neutral, conservative or dynamic investor? Then you have at least one thing in common: a healthy interest in investmentdiamonds. This natural resource provides a high return, is in a growth market and is a safe haven in times of crisis.

Contrary to what people think, you don’t need a huge starting capital to invest in diamonds. The most important tip: ask for more information to the experts BAUNAT. They will help you in a professional way towards a maximum return.

Author: Maxine Schepens
Source: BAUNAT

This article is not a recommendation by BAUNAT DIAMONDS or the writer to invest in diamonds. BAUNAT DIAMONDS makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy or timeliness of the information contained herein. Investing in diamonds is not without risk. All risks should be considered by the investor prior to investing.

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