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Value of global diamond production rises by 11%

The value of the diamond production worldwide has risen by 11% last year. That is mainly due to the increase in price of rough diamond. The volume of production rose by 2 percent to 130 million carat; the production price increased an average 9 percent. This can be extrapolated from the numbers of the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme.

Botswana sees nominal value rise sharply

Botswana, running at the head of the pack, saw the value of her diamond production increase by 22 percent linked to a rise in volume of 13 percent. In terms of production value, Russia takes the number two spot, but they do produce the largest volume. The Russian production increased in terms of value and volume by 8 percent, while production costs stayed the same.

The value of the Canadian diamond production dropped about 5 percent in 2013, but the country is still on record as the third largest producer of rough diamonds. The production in terms of volume rose by 1 percent, the average production price was reduced by 6 percent.

Namibia is also one of the frontrunners: their production volume rose by 15 percent, while the average price was increased by a whopping 46 percent. Angola completes the top five with a production value that’s higher by 15 percent, which is good for 9.36 million produced carats. The diamond producers in South-Africa and Zimbabwe narrowly miss being in the top five.

European Union biggest exporter

The European Union was the largest exporter of rough diamonds in 2013, followed by the United Arab Emirates. The EU exported 128 million carats, good for a value of 13.14 billion euros. The Union also imported more than 131 million carats of an estimated value of 13 billion euros.

The priciest diamonds? Those can be found in Namibia that recently took the crown from Lesotho. The average price of rough production in Lesotho dropped by 7 percent.

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Author: Katrien Maes
Source: BAUNAT

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