Our personal approach, your comfort

As we endeavor for your trust, we can assure you that we take our client’s concerns & requirements very seriously.

That’s why in the initial stages we encourage extensive exchanges between the BAUNAT experts and yourself, whereby the principle purpose is to fully understand and guide you alongside your specific investment needs, wants & concerns: type of diamonds, investment purpose and horizon, risk concerns, delivery countries, tax considerations, custody issues, etc.
With sales spread over more than 50 countries, and presences in Antwerp, Paris, Geneva, India & Hong Kong, BAUNAT can rely on extensive multilingual & cross cultural business expertise. This international proficiency & network enable us to offer our clients optimized & customized solutions for their specific investment requirements.
Each potential client will also have a dedicated & experienced contact person throughout the entire process, from the first contact onwards till even years later when for example reselling considerations come into play. Furthermore, all communication between yourself and our experts will happen under close supervision of the two founders, Stefaan Mouradian & Steven Boelens, who make it a point of honor to offer a direct line of communication towards all our investment diamond clients.
We are convinced that our accessible & customized client approach, in all discretion, will strongly add to your comfort. For contacting our experts, please click here
Personal contact with our experts - Baunat Diamonds