Which investment package should you choose?

BAUNAT DIAMONDS also offers investment diamond packages. After the initial consultation where we discuss your budget and your investment needs, we will make a quotation customised to your specific wishes. Depending on your budget, we distinguish 3 different approaches.

The following examples of our 3 different approaches are based on an initial investment of € 100.000.

One diamond of the best possible quality and size

We will select the best investment diamond that fits your budget of € 100.000. If you opt for this solution, you will receive an investment diamond of the highest possible value. You maximize your possible return, but you also run a higher risk.

Multiple diamonds of the highest possible quality

With this solution, you can choose for multiple investment diamonds with a D colour, IF clarity and a 3EX cut. To meet your budget of € 100.000, the diamonds have different carat weights. This way, you are certain to receive the best price/quality ratio for each individual investment diamond. You can invest in the rarest colourless diamonds with the highest possible quality.

Various carat weights and diamond qualities

To diversify your investment of € 100.000 as much as possible, we recommend this investment diamond package of assorted qualities and sizes. This solution consists of various diamonds from 1 carat to 3 carats, with a D-E-F colour, a IF-VVS1-VVS2 clarity and a 3EX cut. We select for you the diamonds that are priced well below their historical price trajectory.

What is the procedure for purchasing investment diamonds?

At BAUNAT DIAMONDS, you can be certain of a transparent, efficient and personalized purchase procedure. Under close supervision of our two founders, our experts will establish an open dialogue with you. This way, we can work together closely to advise and assist you in your search for the perfect investment diamond. You will always receive a quotation containing all the information regarding the diamond quality and the applicable conditions.

All investors are advised to fully understand all risks associated with any kind of investing they choose to do. There is no guarantee that your investment will result in profits or that they will not result in losses.

How can you request your investment package?

Would you like to receive more information regarding investing in diamonds? Or would you like to receive a quotation for your own investment package? Please fill in the form below and one of our diamond experts will contact you shortly to discuss the options with you personally.