Our package deals

BAUNAT DIAMONDS also offers packages of investment diamonds according to your budget and your specific wishes. After the initial orientation conversation to assess your needs and determine a budget, we prepare a quotation in line with your specific wishes.

3 different approaches

Starting from your budget we distinguish 3 different approaches. The following examples of our 3 approaches are based on an initial investment of € 100.000.

One diamond of the best quality and size possible fitting into the budget

Taking into account the budget of € 100.000, we select the best diamonds that fit into this budget. If you choose this solution, you will get a diamond the highest possible value for your budget, maximizing possible returns and amplifying risk. As for all our offers, we promise that we search the diamond with the best possible price-quality ratio available for the given budget of 100.000 euros.

Only diamonds the highest possible quality (D colour, IF clarity, 3EX cut)

This solution contains multiple diamonds with a D colour, IF clarity and a 3EX cut. To fulfill the given budget of 100.000 euros, the diamonds have different carat weights. This way we are still able to offer you the best price quality ratio for each diamond due to the fact that they have different sizes. With this approach, you make an investment only in the rarest colourless diamonds with the highest possible quality.

Different carat weigths and different diamond qualities

If you would like to spread your investment of 100.000 euros and the underlying risk the best way possible, we advise you to opt for a packet of diamonds of assorted qualities and sizes. This solution contains diamonds from 1 carat to 3 carats of D-E-F colour, IF-VVS1-VVS2 clarity and 3EX cut. By opting for a variety of diamond qualities within these ranges, we are able to select those diamonds that are priced well below their historical price trajectory.


BAUNAT DIAMONDS proposes a very transparent, efficient and personalized purchase procedure for its clients. Our experts, always under the close supervision of the two founders, who will be in direct contact with the clients, will work closely with you to guide and assist you on your search for the perfect investment, exactly according to your wishes and requirements. You will receive a quotation completely describing the quality of the diamonds and all conditions adhering to the quotation.

All investors are advised to fully understand all risks associated with any kind of investing they choose to do. There is no guarantee that your investment will result in profits or that they will not result in losses.

Request your own package deal

If you would like to get more specific information regarding the possibility to invest in diamonds or if you would like to recieve a price quotation for your own investment package, please fill in the following. One of our diamond experts wil contact you to discuss your investment project.