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Package deal procedure

Aside from loose diamonds, BAUNAT DIAMONDS also offers packages of investment diamonds according to your specific needs.

BAUNAT DIAMONDS proposes a very transparent, efficient and personalized purchase procedure for its clients. Our experts (always under the close supervision of the two founders, who will be in direct contact with the clients) will work closely with you to guide and assist you on your search for the perfect investment, exactly according to your wishes and requirements.
At every step of the process you will be able to provide feedback before we proceed.
1) We start with extensive exchanges between the BAUNAT experts and yourself,
whereby the principle purpose is to fully understand and guide you alongside
your specific investment needs, wants & concerns (type of diamonds, investment
purpose and horizon, risk concerns, delivery countries, tax considerations,
custody issues, etc.). Once these are defined and fully understood, BAUNAT will
present you a transparent & complete quotation, as always offering the best
possible price quality for this type of investment. This sequence (your input
followed by our quotation) can of course be repeated.
2) Confirmation of the purchase transaction by unambiguous agreement on all
the terms (diamond characteristics, amount, payment and delivery modalities).
3) After receipt of your payment, your certified diamonds will be shipped
or delivered in a discrete, fully insured and secure way (Brinks, UPS,
DHL or FedEx). Click here for more information about insured deliveries.
Procedure for package deals - Baunat Diamonds