Our sources, your profit

The long term profitability on investment diamonds depends in first instance on the price at which one has purchased them.
The projected price increase of diamonds (click here for more information) will strongly dilute if the (investment) diamonds are not directly bought at the source. In other words: the further away you purchase your diamonds from the source (thus where they are polished), the more likely your future profit potential will have been (partly or even entirely) evaporated via margin addition by intermediate parties.
Whereas diamond (jewellery) retailers typically add mark-ups between 15% to 50% to cover their higher purchase expenditure, overheads, marketing & intermediation costs, BAUNAT diamonds are priced at their underlying investment value. This competitive pricing is credit to our exceptional ability, via a carefully developed network of 'niche' diamond manufacturers, mainly located in Surat (India), to buy diamonds at the source at the best possible prices. For more information: see about us.
This sourcing edge represents our client’s direct profit, as BAUNAT promises you that its prices are in direct correlation with the underlying cost & qualities of the diamonds on offer.
For more information about the ingrained corporate culture of BAUNAT to eliminate all possible intermediaries, please click here.
Profitability of Investment Diamonds - Baunat Diamonds