Investing in diamonds or coloured gems?

  • The history of coloured gems
  • Consistent price and production
  • Popularity in growing countries
  • A coloured future?

For a lot of women and men a sparkling diamond is still the eminent symbol for everlasting love. For decades diamond dominated the fine jewellery market, certainly for engagement- and wedding rings. While investing in diamonds is still very interesting, the attention for coloured gems like rubies, sapphires, emeralds and amethyst is growing.

The history of coloured gems

“Coloured gems have always played an important role in our history and heritage. The British crown jewels for example are set with a various range of sparkling gemstones”, says Ian Harebottle, CEO of Gemfield. The limited expansion and slow growth on this market has multiple reasons. The rarity of coloured gems thus creates an inconsistent supply, making investing in diamond more interesting. The production is very restricted.

Consistent price and production

“The last few decades the industry has been growing remarkably, being reorganised and industrialised with high-tech mining techniques”, says Antony Zagoritis, gemmologist at LGC.

During these years a consistent price strategy has been elaborated, resulting in a growing confidence among investors and private persons. A competitive market and an increase in scale lead to better production techniques and consequently also to higher margins for producers and qualitative gemstones for consumers and investors.

Popularity in growing countries

In countries like India, Brazil and China the fastest growing interest in coloured gemstones is recorded. Before this investing in diamonds was already increasing, but in meantime also the coloured gems are sought-after. Worldwide investment groups are looking more and more towards coloured gems for diversification of their investment portfolio.

The current demand for coloured gems has never been this high. In the last decade, the market is exponentially growing and the prices are reacting to scarcity. During the Fine Jewellery Sale in London a lot with a sapphire and diamond ring has been sold for 458.000 dollar, while its value was only estimated on 96.000.

A coloured future?

Coloured gems are not new, but their sale is recently increasing significantly. For decades, coloured gems were not valuated correctly while being neglected by producers and investors.

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Author: Daan Deruyter