Investing in commodities: a smart move or not?

  • The scarcity of commodities makes them attractive to investors.
  • Investing in agricultural products, however, entails many risks.
  • Diamond remains the most stable and best investment.

Commodities are a special category in the world of investments. After all, both in times of recession and economic growth they increase in value. Are commodities then the best investment for those who like to play it safe? Not always. Commodities exist in all shapes and sizes. Diamond remains the best investment.

Commodities are often analysed too generally as an investment category. This while there are many variations in the price evolution of different commodities. Diamonds and gold are often incorporated together in a magnificent jewel, but both commodities assessed differently. By now, many people have come to the realisation that diamonds are the best investment, because it is a stable one. Of course, it is important to start investing in diamonds at the right moment and with the right knowledge.

In short: commodities are the best investment for those who want to protect themselves against inflation and economic uncertainty. Many commodities are scarce, which makes the attractive to investors. There are, however, exceptions to this rule. Investing in oil or agricultural products does pose risks. Because the stock price of these commodities is known to change quickly due to speculation, they are not the safest and thus not the best investment. In recent years, raw oil, gas and iron ore have suffered heavy blows. This makes it a less than ideal investment product for the average saver. As an individual, it is better to invest in diamonds.

Unlike gold and the other commodities we have mentioned, diamond hasn’t been affected greatly the last couple of years. Moreover, it’s not necessary to acquire a rare specimen to make a good deal. A diamond of moderate quality is the best investment, as resale will be easier compared to the resale of an exclusive diamond.

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Author: Ing De Wee