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Go for security with certified diamonds

A diamond certificate is a document that displays a diamond’s basic characteristics. It describes all unique characteristics that determine the value of a diamond in detail. Information about the financial value of the certified diamond is not given. Certified diamonds are not necessarily more valuable than non-certified gemstones, but the quality is guaranteed. A proof of quality is not the same as a valuation however: certificates do not allot any value to a diamond, they are however an indication of its quality. Accurate measurements, internal and external flaws, colour, weight and other functions are extensively tested by numerous experts.

Independent institutes

There are several independent certificates that are frequently used within the diamond industry. With each one, absolute objectivity is guaranteed:

Benefits of certified diamonds

Purchasing certified diamonds only has advantages. Taking the reliability of GIA, IGI and HRD into account, the credentials of certified diamonds will never be disputed and their evaluation will never be questioned. Certificates also make it easier to compare the different characteristics of diamonds, thus making it easier to judge the prices of different diamonds against each other.

The diamonds of BAUNAT DIAMONDS will always have one of the aforementioned certificates. This way you are always certain you are investing safely. We are glad to provide you with more information and you can always contact us on

Author: San Meuleman
Source: BAUNAT

This article is not a recommendation by BAUNAT DIAMONDS or the writer to invest in diamonds. BAUNAT DIAMONDS makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy or timeliness of the information contained herein. Investing in diamonds is not without risk. All risks should be considered by the investor prior to investing.

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