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Diamond as an investment is a low risk alternative for the savings account

  • Belgians remain loyal to the savings account despite low profitability
  • Availability and low risk are the biggest incentives
  • Diamond as an investment offers a great alternative with low risk

Despite the low profitability on savings accounts, Belgians are reluctant to dismiss this way of saving. In 2016 more than 9 billion euros was deposited on the Belgian savings accounts at 12 banks.

In 2014 the tide seemed to turn when Belgians suddenly deposited 50 percent less money on their savings accounts. This trend continued in 2015 and 2016. Because of this the inlay on savings accounts decreased with 10 billion euros. Interest in other investment products increased proportionally. Many savers start to realize the profitability on savings accounts is unacceptably low and that this is not likely to change in any time soon. One third of new investment applications goes to investing through an investment plan. With a product like this, the inlay is a fixed amount deposited at regular dates.

Availability and risk

Saving still remains the Belgians’ favourite hobby, because the result from a survey at twelve different banks shows that savings accounts at most banks are very wanted. The fact that the deposit amounts can be available fairly quickly and the low risks are the most important incentives to open a savings account. On the other hand, some banks indicate that larger amounts remain on the checking account more often now, because users – because of the low interest rate – no longer consider it worth the effort to move it over to the savings account.

Diamond as investment

If you are looking for alternatives for the savings account and prefer to invest with a low risk, can definitely consider diamonds. The last 30 years, diamond as an investment has proven to be hardly affected by external financial factors like crises, inflation, bank crashes… if affected at all. Besides, we see structural and continued increases in prices on the global market due to the mechanism of supply and demand.

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Author: San Meuleman
Source: BAUNAT

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