Black diamonds as an investment

Besides the classic colourless diamond, diamonds exist in a range of vibrant colours: red, purple, pink, blue, yellow, green, orange, grey, white and even black. Black diamonds differ from most of the other diamonds because they are completely opaque. These black diamonds are very precious and valuable. Moreover, they are more affordable comparing than the most other coloured diamonds. Because they have much in common with other type of gemstones and their specific colour and features, questions rise if black diamonds can be seen as an investment.

Are black diamonds real?

There are black diamonds and natural ´fancy coloured´ black diamonds. Both types are real diamonds, but the black colour for the first type is not natural. Natural ´fancy colored´ diamonds are mined by their intrinsic black colour which is already present in the stone. The real value of black diamonds is their unique, natural and rare black colour. Which makes this type interesting as an investment.  

What is the difference between black diamonds and colourless diamonds?

Both seem very similar. The black colour is caused by the presence of graphite in the crystal structure during the formation of the diamond. Such graphite inclusions are not directly visible in colourless diamonds. Other characteristics are the same for both colourless and black diamonds.

Where do black diamonds come from?

Natural black diamonds are only found in a limited number of diamond mines, especially in Brazil and Central Africa.

Are black diamonds interesting as an investment?

It is generally believed that pink, red and blue diamonds are the most suitable (coloured) investment diamonds. A diamond as an investment is interesting when the value increases over time because of the decline in supplies and the increase in demands. A black diamond is therefore only considered as a good investment if the stone is quite large or has a distinctive feature that can create a great demand in the market. Natural diamonds are positioned – in comparison with other coloured diamonds – in a lower price range. The costs, depending on the size, are between 3000€ and 5000€.

Author: San Meuleman