Why investing in gold (mistakenly) remains popular

Like diamond, gold has been fascinating mankind for centuries. This is not only because of its value, but also because of the many misunderstandings and fables around it.


Fables and stories

There are many stories about gold. Ever since Ancient Egyptian times gold has been one of the most valuable products and commodities. Coins, jewellery, weapons… were crafted from or with this precious metal. Gold is often called a “hard metal’. In earlier times, people used to bite in a golden coin to verify its authenticity. If it was a real golden coin, you would see teeth marks in it. This means gold is not a hard, but a soft metal. The historical gold rushes and its success stories also contribute to the glory of gold. Thousands of gold seekers have left their homes and families behind to search for gold in remote gold mines.  Gold fever not only struck in the United States, but also in Brazil, Australia, Chili, Canada and South Africa.

Investing in gold or diamond?

Gold is incredibly dense, which means even a small golden rod, still has a big value. Compared to diamonds however, gold is heavy and difficult to transport and stock. These are costs that will undoubtedly be charged towards the consumer. Moreover gold heavily fluctuates in value.

Prognoses indicate that diamonds’ profitability will only increase these coming years. Diamonds are resistant to crises. Furthermore diamonds are, in contrast to gold, much smaller in size and therefore much easier to transport, stock and insure. Investing in diamonds is definitely a fully-fledged alternative. On our blog there many articles that can help you on your way.

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