Selective liquidity

Despite the absence of a public trading platform, diamonds remain (highly) liquid assets. But this liquidity can strongly vary depending which segments of the market we are referring to. Most demanded for investment purposes are better quality (G up and SI1 up) round diamonds between 1 and 3 Ct, certified by renowned laboratories (GIA, HRD & IGI). This market segment has historically been very active (because these diamonds are also commonly used in jewellery), and therefore lends to profitable resale, assuming of course a sharp purchase price (as explained under profitability). On the other hand, the market becomes remarkably smaller for reselling a very rare diamond (colorful, very large, fancy shapes). It requires more time to resell such diamonds at a desirable price.

The BAUNAT difference

Our team will always strive to offer our clients the best possible price in investment terms. Therefore, we will only recommend diamonds for which - notwithstanding their rarity - demand is widespread, as opposed to the small collector's market where pricing is primarily driven by pure speculation. Investment diamonds which are endorsed for sale by BAUNAT must consequently satisfy the following conditions:

- 100% natural diamonds (no treated, artificial or clarity intensified diamonds)

- Carat: 1 Ct to 5 Ct

- Color: > G

- Clarity: > SI1

- Cut: Very Good or Excellent

- Certificates: GIA - HRD - IGI

Selective liquidity - Baunat Diamonds