Background information about the profitability of diamonds

The below data & figures are the result of extensive market research & financial analysis provided by Bain & Company and the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC). These data & figures confirm the anticipated price increase for diamonds.
Overview of the current 20 major mines producing rough diamonds
It's unlikely that a significant new deposit will be discovered and commercially developed in
the next ten years
Worldwide jewellery demand
During the past decade India and China became the largest jewellery manufacturers

The GDP per capita, a reliable indicator of the demand for diamonds, give it up again. The GDP growth is strongest
in China and India, and these countries are considered as the driving forces for the worldwide diamond
consumption in the coming years.
Evolution of prices, 1980 - 2010 (click here for more explanation about this graph)
Data showing diamonds are a good investment - Baunat Diamonds