Maximum security with a certified diamond

A diamond is an unbreakable asset with a unique identity, which can be tested and verified, thereby giving maximum security to the owner… Diamond is a unique natural element that will not lose its intrinsic substance value. Diamonds are indeed indestructible, as referred to by the ancient Greek ethymologic sense of the word diamonds (Αδάμας = Adamas = "what cannot be broken"). De Beers has emphasized this unique feature by making it unforgettable with their quote: “Diamonds are forever”.
Furthermore, each polished diamond (above 0.30 Ct) carries its own identity via a unique certificate. This is a laminate-protected document that summarizes a diamond's vital information based on the 4 C’s and describes precisely its characteristics that help determine its value. A certificate does not give any indication of a diamond's monetary value. The most renowned certificates of the diamond industry are:

The obvious advantage of a certified diamond lies in the fact that it enables to objectively identify, test, verify and price diamonds for purchase & resale purposes.

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The BAUNAT difference

BAUNAT DIAMONDS offers only classified & tested diamonds, which are certified by the world most renowned grading institutes. All diamonds purchased from BAUNAT DIAMONDS for investment purposes, starting from 1 Ct, are upon request available with laser inscription of the certification number in the diamond. And though the grading classifications according to the 4 C's give a fair idea of the intrinsic quality of the diamond, the BAUNAT buying team goes even beyond these laboratory reports when they select your diamonds. BAUNAT shareholders, partners and suppliers can rely on over 100 years of passed-down knowledge. Thanks to their expertise, they can concentrate on what really matters: the radiance of the stone. This radiance is the result of the amount of white and colored light that comes out of the stone. These three parameters are evaluated to decide which diamonds shine most. BAUNAT specialists use the latest technologies to scientifically control these aspects. These extra selection procedures guarantee the top quality of your diamond.

“Diamonds are forever"

De Beers
Maximum security with a certified diamond - Baunat Diamonds