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Showroom Paris tax free

The BAUNAT showroom in Paris is only available on appointment for clients looking to purchase tax-free diamond (jewellery).

In this scenario a client prefunds the VAT, which will be refunded after the client has exported the purchased diamond him/herself to a country outside the European Union.

  • Client picks up the purchased diamond in Paris from where he or she exports the purchased diamond him/herself to a country outside the European Union.
    The purchased diamond is delivered to an EU-country from where the client exports the purchased jewel him/herself to a country outside the European Union.
  • The purchase invoice needs to be stamped by customs at the airport from where the client leaves the European Union.
  • Right before check-in, the client provides customs with the following:
    1. Purchased diamond
    2. Invoice (mentioning the name of the client who will export the purchased diamond him/herself)
    3. Passport which proves the client is a non-EU resident
    4. A boarding pass proving the client is leaving the European Union
  • Client sends the by customs stamped invoice to BAUNAT’s office
  • BAUNAT refunds the VAT to the client.
The exportation of the purchased diamond by the client him/herself has to be completed within 3 months after purchase.