BAUNAT proposition

Thanks to its worldwide established network, BAUNAT DIAMONDS is able to purchase every possible diamond (a client may request) at the source. But to maximize the potential return on future resale, our experts strongly recommend high quality diamonds with the following specifications for carat, color, clarity, cut (4C’s) and certificate:
- 100% natural diamonds (no treated, artificial or clarity intensified diamonds)
- Carat: 1 Ct to 5 Ct (we advise against diamonds of a higher carat for investment

- Clarity: higher than VS2 to 'loupe clean'

- Colour: D, E, F, G for white diamonds

- Certificates: GIA - HRD - IGI

- Intensely naturally colored diamonds (blue, yellow, pink), subject to there being sufficient demand for these diamonds
BAUNAT DIAMONDS makes quotations for an unlimited budget starting from € 5.000.

We offer 4 different ways to invest in diamonds, click here for more information.
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